The Pineal Gland

How to change behavior in just 28 days

Modern times, accelerated days, change is necessary!
How do I change if I live surrounded by archaic behavior, seemingly insurmountable vices and terrifying fears?
The behavioral change, shown in this work by the acclaimed Professor Luciano F Nasso, PhD, internationally recognized for his work with thousands of people over more than 30 years of experience, is directly linked to the reprogramming of the Pineal Sensory Gland, your natural GPS.
In an understandable and practical way he teaches principles and exercises that help you to reach the next stage of your life.
Here you find an innovative, modern and efficient system with which you get, in just 28 days, to overcome what is known as “saboteur agent” which enables you to leave the disastrous “comfort zone“.
This book is part of the training offered by the Nasso System which offers an exclusive accompaniment with Professor Luciano F Nasso, PhD, your Mental Coach during each day of the course.
Only in the first months of 2018 Nasso System has trained more than 1500 people to reprogram their minds for success in several areas.
By reading this book and practicing the fundamental exercises to change your behavior in just 28 days, you will discover that Success is not the privilege of a few, but of people who reprogram themselves to achieve it.

Nasso system more than 30 years reprogramming lives!