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Welcome to VLM Press, your trusted partner to turn publishing dreams into reality! Our dedicated team specializes in providing top-quality publishing services, customized according to your needs. With our personalized and professional self-publishing solutions, We guide you easily through the entire process.

From 2017 VLM Press has been helping Brazilians living in the United States realize their dream of publishing a book. There are already more than 30 writers who have successfully published their works ranging from biographies, poems, photographs, economy, finance, self-help and psychology. Our goal is to discover and promote Brazilian talent in the United States.


Edivaldo A Fontes,

(CEO & Founder)
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Why VLM Press?

A Local Solution for Brazilian Writers

Book production is a journey that involves reviewing manuscripts, design interior, cover design and personal choices, that need to be done, preferably, in person. For the Brazilian writer living in the United States, producing his book in Brazil is an expensive and tedious activity for those who live abroad. Existing local solutions always make the task difficult due to language barrier. Submitting materials for review causes project delays due to the time involved in the process. The writer is limited to virtual proofs (in PDF) without touching the book until you receive it ready after a long wait. A recipe for disappointment. In the end, editing a book is a very personal activity.

The VLM Press Solution – A Brazilian Publisher in the United States

We offer Brazilian writers a local solution and the opportunity to closely monitor their work produced in their language with quality assurance at all stages of production.
The writer has at his disposal an agile and advanced editorial process, without the typical headaches that the task requires. Even before the final printing of the work, he has the option of receiving a prototype of his book for evaluation and approval, shipped overnight at no additional cost.
VLM Press values ​​the writer's satisfaction at each stage of the production of their book, until you are delighted with your work. Our mission is to help you quickly and accurately publish the book of your dreams.
  • Cover Design 100% 100%
  • Layout 100% 100%
  • Marketing 95% 95%
  • Distribution 70% 70%

His work with 100% of Copyright

Our publishing process is designed to help you create your highest quality book for the lowest possible investment and incredible profit margin. You receive up to 100% of your copyright.

Why Editora VLM Press is your Best Option?

  1. We help you make your dream come true.
  2. We offer editorial assistance from the beginning to the end of your project.
  3. Our publishing packages cater to all author levels.
  4. Editorial Consulting on all our packages.
  5. Our services are proven to be of excellent quality.
  6. We offer a single publishing standard for all packages.
  7. Our commitment is to the author and the success of his book.

The Opportunity Writers Have Been Waiting For

As a Brazilian author living abroad, our focus is to offer the opportunity to publish your work and offer your readers better quality content in all aspects, from poetry, self-help, biographies and cutting-edge contemporary fiction. We produce your books, printed course handouts, Audi books or e-Books.

VLM Press is here, near to you, and your material is sent overnight, without that endless waiting and additional costs. You receive a completed book for review and approval before printing your first edition.

Self Publishing Service (self-publishing)

The publishing process helps the writer create their book with the highest quality, minimum investment and lower cost, which leaves an incredible profit margin receiving up to 100% of the copyright of your work.

A Simple and Efficient Publishing Process

VLM Press has service options that suit all writers, providing the necessary support with exceptional speed and quality. VLM Press accompanies the writer since the production of the manuscript, content review, literary criticism, grammar review, cover creation, design interior, printing and delivery of the final product until publication.

The writer receives a printed and bound prototype of their book, which is shipped quickly, no endless waiting and additional costs. After visualizing what the final product will look like, review and authorize production, in just ten business days, you receive the book anywhere in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska). It is the fastest and most efficient literary production process of our generation.

Editorial Advisory

The dream of publishing a book is now a reality. The writer only needs to worry about producing the text. From this point on, VLM Press takes care of all the details. Our packages include an exclusive editorial advisory and criticism service, that helps the author produce a bestseller, not just another book.

Marketing and Sales

Our service does not stop with the publication of your book. Although VLM Press does not yet offer a distribution and sales service,, the writer has exclusive support that guides him through the launch process, publicizing and selling your work.

We have options that include the Marketing Package, who helps our author from the editing and finally the definition of his book, with an outstanding digital marketing service. The writer receives the benefit of wide dissemination on social media through our various channels on our official website: vlmpress.com

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Edivaldo A Fontes - CEO e Editor Chefe

Edivaldo A Fontes

CEO and Editor in Chief

Christiany Rebelo - Diretora de Publicações da VLM Press

Christiany Rebelo

Publications Director

Elce Ribeiro - Revisora de Texto

Elce Ribeiro

Text Proofreader

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