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Instructions for Requesting Quotes

RWe recommend that you read all the information provided in this menu to learn about the options available for your book and choose the options that best suit your project.. If after reading all the topics you still have questions, Please send us a message with your question and we will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

Title of Your Project

You need to provide a title for your project, even if you need to change later.

Book Size
Our book publishing capabilities allow us to produce multiple sizes, However, we have listed the most common sizes to make your choice easier.. If you have an unspecified size in mind, request a special quote by sending us an email at: info@vlmpress.com).
Book width is always listed before height: 6 x 9 means six inches wide and nine inches tall. Variations can be Horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait). You can specify this detail text field: Describe your project.
Number of Pages
The number of pages in a quote request means the total number of all internal pages (not counting the cover – remembering that the cover represents 4 pages but should not be included in the total of internal pages).
How offset printers print multiple pages on large sheets that are folded into signatures, page count should generally be rounded to a number divisible by 8 or 16, with the extras being white at the end of the book. Digital printers, on the other hand, typically print so that the page count can be any number divisible by two.
Cover Options

Cover – The cover original is the format in which you are providing the cover to the printer. It's more standardized than it used to be, typically consisting of an application file (InDesign) along with all necessary fonts and high-resolution image files, a PDF file or both.

Cover Printing – A typical brochure cover is printed in a 4 colors only on the outside, em 10 pt. Stock C1s and Laminate. Other options may also be available: we offer other interesting options.

Original Text Ready to Print

A print-ready PDF is normal, but you can also provide pages to scan, as loose pages or as a bound book. Additional costs for layout may be charged if your text does not correspond to standard sizes for printing or requires adjustments.

Color Options

Except in extremely rare cases, ink colors can be black (in other words, black and white) or process of 4 cores (which means images can be printed in full color). You can also specify text pages to print in black, with designated groups of pages — inserts — printed in color, either in the same material as the main part of the text or in a different page material. If most pages are printed in black, but some are printed in color, Using inserts can save a considerable amount of printing the entire book on a flatbed printer. 4 cores. Please note that inserts must have an even number of pages and, on an offset printer, may also need to have a minimum number of pages.

Paper Options

The most economical choice is to opt for the standards offered to keep costs low, instead of specifying the paper in a specific manufacturer's catalog. The most frequent are: 10pt for cover and 50# for interior. The second most common option is 12pt for book covers longer than 250 pages, and white paper 60#. Beige paper can be used for any quantities with a grammage of 70#.

Bleeding (Sangria)

Bleeding or Bleeding means that the images inside the book extend beyond the margins of the book after it has been cut., an excellent option for those who want to insert large color images. Requires special quote, as the type of paper and labor involved will directly influence production.

Binding Options

For a standard 5.5” x 8.5” book less than 50 pages, until 100 pages it is recommended to use saddle stitch (double stapling), books above 50 pages can be bound with perfect bind (perfect or glued binding) binding process in which the book is printed at a slightly larger size than specified, glued together with the cover and then it is cut so that the images have a perfect appearance, hence the name perfect binding.. Consult us for other options such as casebinding, case wrapping, wire-o, etc.

Prototypes or Proofs

After we receive your original materials, and a budget is approved, we will proceed with the preparation of a printed test (prototype) of your book. Normally these prototypes are produced on a digital printer without binding and lamination on the cover.. The purpose is so that the writer can check their book before signing the Final Print Release Form. In possession of the prototype, which is normally shipped overnight, you can check the tones, Format, letters (type and size of letters), images, etc. Proofs are sent for both the cover and the text. VLM Press provides proofs produced on the actual printers that will print your book, that are, therefore, more accurate representations of what your books will look like. Although a PDF proof is often used, we do not recommend it as a final test, as it is not possible to evaluate colors for proofing purposes on a computer screen and it is more difficult to find variations or errors that can only be noticed with a printed proof.

Delivery Costs

VLM Press provides shipping prices along with the final quote for your book. We have the best shipping deals within the United States, therefore, The requested quotes already include shipping costs. If you have multiple destinations, indicate the number of books that go into each. If the shipping destination has a loading dock, Please specify this in the shipping instructions: with larger shipments, We can reduce shipping costs considerably. Consult us for more details.

Deadlines for Your Project

It is important that you specify a date, as close as possible, for printing your book. This prevents your request from ending up at the end of the queue.. Requests have been growing a lot lately. We give priority to the most complete requests. Therefore, We recommend that you completely fill out the Quote Request Form, and specify an approximate date of when you expect to have this budget with you and what your launch plans are. This will speed up the quotation process., giving priority to your order and we will ship it as soon as possible. If you need more information, send us an email to: info@vlmpress.com

What If Specifications Change?

It's common for finished, print-ready books to keep their budgets intact. But changes occur more frequently in the production of books, such as: content changes, page insertions and additions, paper changes and quantities, delivery address, etc. Between the time a book is initially priced and the time they are produced, ready for shipping, The quoted price will only change if any changes are requested or necessary. For this reason, we provide, according to the progress of the project, Quotes updated as specifications change, at least if they are important changes that directly influence the initial budget, such as: number of pages, color image inserts, or even the removal or addition of content. See the latest quote by number when submitting a quote review request: This will speed up the process and make it more accurate than if we had to start from scratch for each review., This way you will avoid surprises when you receive the final invoice for your book/publication.

Communication channel

Finally, It is important to note that real communication between VLM Press and the writer begins with quote requests, quotes, job confirmations, evidences, etc. Any communication made via telephone could very well get out of control and harm the smooth running of the production process.. Therefore, VLM Press considers it imperative that all requests be made via email, even if they were communicated by phone or WhatsApp: This is for your benefit as much as VLM Press.

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