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of Communication with Us!

Even achieving success in several areas, you may feel like you are not expressing yourself fully. That's why, we created the event “Unleash your Communication Power”. Participate and learn how to improve your eloquence and increase your influence.

Take part in this unique event.


Upon request, we will extend the promotional value until Monday, is 20.

In day 21 from May of 2024 the value returns to normal

Special Promotion until today 20 of May:


  • Unleash Your Communication Power
  • Learn the Secret of Great Leaders
  • Communicate with Confidence
Communication is everything New release.

Book Included!

The book of “Communication is Everything” is included in your ticket!

Buy only

the book

Buy the book in advance and secure your copy with free shipping to your address in the United States. Shipping starts from the day 21 from May of 2024.

Shipping from the day 20/05/24

Buy now and receive at your address!


  • Learn to Communicate Effectively
  • Oratory Techniques
  • Learn to Deal with the Audience
  • How to Overcome Shyness
  • Secrets to Conquering Your Audience


Common questions

Who can participate in this event?

Our events are open to the immigrant business public. This event will specifically be held in Brazilian Portuguese. Although everyone is welcome, the event will be held in Portuguese, and for that reason this is an event for Brazilians.

I only want to participate in the lecture, the book is included?

Sim. You will receive the book on the day of the event. Bring proof of purchase of your ticket. This can be a printed receipt, or the payment receipt on your cell phone to receive your book.

I won't be able to go to the event. Can I just buy the book?

Sim. You can buy the book in advance and we will send it to your address with free shipping. Place your order in advance to ensure delivery on the day of the event or mailing. Buy at this link:


Take advantage of promotional prices and buy at a discount only until the day 30 of April.

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