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IV Business Networking e Lançamento da American Dream Magazine no The Event Center em Margate FL

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Special Announcement: Fourth Business Networking Event and Launch of the September Edition 2023 from American Dream Magazine – Full house!

In the exciting world of business, constant change and evolution are imperative to success. It is with immense pleasure and enthusiasm that we share this extraordinary news: our next business networking event and the launch of the September 2023 from American Dream Magazine are officially sold out!

This milestone is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and relevant content. We look forward to welcoming all participants to an environment full of opportunities and inspiration. Stay tuned, as more details about this memorable event will be shared soon. Join us to celebrate business success and excellence!

Event's place: The Event Center, 6101 NW 31st Street, Margate, FL, 33063

Data: 19 September of 2023

Time: From 7pm to 9pm

Invitations Sold Out: All invitations to the event have been completely sold.

American Dream Magazine: A World of Opportunities, Now in Three Languages!

American Dream Magazine is much more than just a magazine; is a source of guidance and inspiration for professionals and companies seeking to realize their dreams in the United States business scene. Committed to providing relevant and insightful content, we are proud to present the September issue, which marks a historic moment in our journey – now, the magazine is available in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Starry Cover: Our cover for this issue highlights Dr.. Adriano Nunes, a renowned acupuncturist who developed an innovative facial treatment method combining acupuncture techniques. Your success story is an inspiration to everyone who seeks excellence in their fields..

Featured Content:

  • New Business Segments: In this edition, we explore new horizons, including a look at the “Field of Works” with five essential apps for professionals who work outside the four walls. Furthermore, we dive into the world of global entrepreneurship, unleashing ideas and strategies for business success.
  • Featured Columnists: Introducing Carolina Brasil, our newest columnist, bringing valuable insights into “Business 360”. We also highlight Paula Ambrósio, a revolutionary architect who is making her mark in the world of Interior Design in Miami and Brazil.
  • Comparison Brazil vs. USA: Luiz Piquet, our columnist, provides an in-depth analysis of the advantages of immigrating to the United States, providing valuable insight for those seeking new opportunities.
  • Business Strategies: Explore strategies for thriving amid economic fluctuations, learn from the success of Penha Tavares and his tips for realizing the American dream, and discover the path to business growth, especially aimed at pet store owners, with Rosangela de Assis.
  • Psychological Safety at Work: Christiany Rebelo, PhD and Director of Publications, addresses the topic of Psychological Safety at Work, providing key insights to promote a healthy work environment.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Neurolinguistics: Our Editor-in-Chief's article, Edivaldo A Fontes, brings a deep and understandable view of the great benefits of managing a company using EI and Neurolinguistics techniques, a strategic combination.

This edition is full of hot content, including an exclusive interview with Dr.. Adriano Nunes, where he shares his trajectory and vision for the future. American Dream Magazine continues to be your trusted partner in your quest for business success. Enjoy reading and get inspired to achieve your own business dreams.

American Dream magazine agora também em Espanhol

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Edivaldo A Fontes

Edivaldo A Fontes

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Edivaldo A Fontes

Edivaldo A Fontes is a published author, Writer, Businessperson, Business consultant, Master in Theological Studies, Public Speaker, Experienced in International Business Management and Marketing Strategy. Editor, CEO and Founder of VLM Press, Edivaldo A Fontes is a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Book Editor. He is an author of books: Self-discovery, secrets for a life of fulfillment, Stay Free, How to get rid of guilt, shame and pain from the past, America, Men of Great Value Volume 1 e Men of Great Valor 2.

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