more joy

more joy


One year after the anniversary of the online radio program Bom dia Maas Alegria, Maas Luciano and Franci Fontes make a collection of the best topics discussed in their joyful mornings with special guests and publish it with great grace, outstanding subjects whose motor messages serve as a stimulus to the reader to seek a better and happier life. Worth checking out Maas Alegria!

  • ISBN: 978-0-9989457-3-6
  • Publishing company: VLM Press, Deerfield Beach, FL USA
  • Publication Date: 2018.
  • pages: 120
  • sales rank: 4
  • product dimensions: 5.5 (l) x 8.5 (a) x 0.276 (p)
  • Category: motivational – auto help

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To celebrate the first year anniversary of the radio show "more joy", a ratings success on social media, the presenters, Maas luciano and Franci Fontes decided to recreate the experience by offering their audience a book that brings the best subjects discussed in the programs that reached the largest audience and that present great life lessons that can promote their happiness in their daily lives.. an unmissable book.


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