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Immigrando with Mark Morais Book Launch

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DEERFIELD BEACH, FL USA – 20 October 2022 – We were honored to launch the book “Immigrando com Mark Morais”- The “almost” secret stories of the only Brazilian lawyer who has worked for the three largest American immigration agencies.

The book launch ceremony took place during the 1st. Brazilian Business Conference and was conducted by the directors of VLM Press, Christiany Rebelo, publishing director and Edivaldo A Fontes, founder, CEO e Editor-In-Chief.

This was the thirty-third book edited and published by VLM Press in just over five years of activities.. The event was attended by dignitaries, representatives of the Brazilian media, invited family and friends.

About the Book

The book is a biographical narrative that begins by telling the immigration story of lawyer Mark Morais' parents., his birth and return to Brazil, where he grew up into his youth, emphasizing the experiences of the young person who was born in the United States, but who was taken to Brazil in childhood, and by his father's guidance, returned to the United States to “discover America”. Mark Morais tells his saga with his wife, Flavia, which was the fundamental support for him to reach the top of his achievements, realize your dreams and live the privileged life you have today.

As an immigration attorney, Mark Morais stands out for the valuable experiences obtained working in the three American immigration agencies. An indispensable work for anyone who wants to know a little more about the backstage of immigration services and the most popular visas available to legally immigrate to the country. A true cultural heritage condensed into 313 pages.

The Release

The launch took place in the 20 October 2022, during the 1st. Brazilian Business Conference in Margate, Florida, USA. The book is available for sale directly from the author and can be purchased in paperback and eBook formats in e-pub and .mobile format for all platforms.

Contacts and requests through the official website of lawyer Mark Morais at this link:

About the Author

As an ICE Immigration Attorney, I personally worked at the Federal Immigration Court in Port Isabel, Texas, located at 50 km from the border with Mexico, representing the US government in US deportation proceedings for detained illegal immigrants. I witnessed strange situations, funny and dramatic. In the first part of this book, I will tell you a little about my history and experiences working in US government agencies. In the second half of the book, I cover the main types of visas to visit, studying, work or live in the US.

Immigrando com Mark Morais back cover

Half life is not life.”

Ildo De Siqueira (War Old Man).


Mark Morais is an immigration lawyer in the USA and was the only Brazilian who worked in the three largest American immigration agencies. Including the functions of Immigration Prosecutor with ICE, Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer at CBP at Miami International Airport, and Political Asylum and Refugee Officer with the USCIS.

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