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Discover the Purpose of Life with “Flying Higher” – An Inspiring Spiritual Journey

We are excited to announce the release of a book that will certainly touch the souls of many readers in search of meaning and spirituality.. “Flying Higher”, a work that brings depth and inspiration, was written by Luiz Antônio Matheus, a former Brazilian pilot who immigrated to the United States. His life trajectory is the foundation of this transformative work, which represents the perfect fusion between the written word, the spectacular design by Edivaldo A Fontes, Christiany Rebelo's thorough text review and an inspiring foreword by Dr.. Abraham de Almeida.

A Transformative Life Journey

Luiz Antônio Matheus, author of “Flying Higher”, is more than a writer. He is a man whose life was marked by a profound spiritual experience that transformed him. Originally from Brazil, Matheus chose a unique path by becoming a former pilot and immigrating to the United States in search of a greater purpose. Your journey, full of challenges and overcoming, is the foundation of his inspiring work.

“Flying Higher” is not just a literary debut; is a gateway into the mind and heart of an author who decided to face life's spiritual turmoil and turn it into a journey of self-discovery. Matheus shares his unique perspective, enriched by their experiences, to guide readers in their own search for meaning and spiritual fulfillment.

The Path of Faith

One of the central themes of “Flying Higher” is faith. Matheus takes us through a territory where faith transcends the mere abstract concept, becoming an active and transformative force. Through inspiring stories and parables, the author invites readers to explore the power of faith in their own lives.

In the words of Matheus, “Faith is not just believing in the invisible; is to believe in the unattainable. It is the fuel that allows us to fly higher, overcome the limits we impose on ourselves and reach a higher state of spiritual understanding.”

Discovering the Purpose of Life

Another crucial aspect of “Flying Higher” is the exploration of the purpose of life. Many of us spend years searching for answers to essential questions: Why are we here? What is our role in this world? “Flying Higher” offers a clear and inspiring roadmap to help readers unravel these deep mysteries.

Throughout the pages of this book, Matheus presents a series of reflections and practical exercises that invite readers to look inside themselves and discover what really matters. He argues that the spiritual journey is, ultimately, a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation.

The Splendid Design by Edivaldo A Fontes

Beyond inspirational content, “Flying Higher” It is also a work of visual art. Edivaldo A Fontes, a renowned designer, lent his talent to create a design that is equally stunning. Each page is a harmonious combination of text and images that stimulate the senses and mind.

Design is not just an artistic expression, but an essential part of the reading experience. The careful aesthetics of “Flying Higher” perfectly complements the content, creating an environment conducive to absorbing the profound spiritual messages contained in the book.

Text Revision by Christiany Rebelo

The quality of the writing is a reflection of the commitment of the entire team involved in creating this book.. Christiany Rebelo, a text proofreading specialist, ensured that every word and phrase of “Flying Higher” be polished and precise. She worked closely with Matheus to clearly convey the profound and inspiring messages contained in the book.


Preface by Dr. Abraham de Almeida

A book's preface plays a crucial role in establishing the tone and relevance of the work. Oh Dr. Abraham de Almeida, a respected academic and spiritual thinker, lends his voice to the beginning of “Flying Higher.”

In this inspiring preface, Dr. Almeida shares her perspectives on the importance of spirituality in our everyday lives. It highlights how the pursuit of purpose can elevate and transform us, and how the book of Matheus aligns with this spiritual quest.

Open Pre-Sales

Pre-sales of “Flying Higher” are already open, and excitement is in the air. From 30 of October, readers have the opportunity to secure their copy in advance and be part of this exciting spiritual journey.

The books will be delivered directly to readers in December, perfect for those wanting an inspiring read during the holiday season. This is the perfect gift for you, your friends and family. Sharing this work is a wonderful way to strengthen bonds and inspire each other.

A Unique Opportunity

In an era of constant distractions and fleeting information, “Flying Higher” offers a unique opportunity to delve deeply into spiritual questions that are timeless. This book is a beacon of wisdom in an often tumultuous and confusing world.

The search for purpose and spiritual fulfillment is a journey that challenges and inspires us. “Flying Higher” provides a map for that journey, helping us navigate life's complexities with clarity and determination.


The Official Launch

The official launch of “Flying Higher” is scheduled for the day 19 from December. Although details on the exact location and time are forthcoming., We can already anticipate an event that will be more than just a book launch. It will be a celebration of spirituality, a time to reflect on the deeper meaning of life.

Stay tuned for more information about the launch and how you can be part of this meaningful celebration.

“Flying Higher” It's more than a book; is a spiritual compass that guides us in our search for life's purpose. With the wisdom of Luiz Antônio Matheus, Edivaldo A Fontes' mastery in design, Christiany Rebelo's precision in proofreading and Dr.. Abraão de Almeida in the preface, This book is a gift for everyone seeking spiritual growth.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, faith and purpose, Don't miss the opportunity to purchase “Flying Higher”. Pre-sales are open, and the release date is quickly approaching.

This is the time to rise spiritually, to fly higher in search of your purpose in life. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the depths of spirituality that await within “Flying Higher.”


About the Author

Edivaldo A Fontes

Edivaldo A Fontes

VLM Press CEO & Founder

Edivaldo A Fontes

Edivaldo A Fontes is a published author, Writer, Businessperson, Business consultant, Master in Theological Studies, Public Speaker, Experienced in International Business Management and Marketing Strategy. Editor, CEO and Founder of VLM Press, Edivaldo A Fontes is a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Book Editor. He is an author of books: Self-discovery, secrets for a life of fulfillment, Stay Free, How to get rid of guilt, shame and pain from the past, America, Men of Great Value Volume 1 e Men of Great Valor 2.

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