Eating too much or ingesting unhealthy foods may have much deeper reasons than we imagine, generating countless consequences that can impact several areas of our life.”

After studying for many years, researcher and chef Márcia Godoi launches the book “When Comer Hurts”, gathering stories of people who sought in food an outlet to compensate for their sadness and disappointment but who understood that when the past dictates the rules of the present, end up influencing your future in a positive or negative way.

About the Book

The work reveals how the power of changing habits contributes to a more balanced life and proposes new and effective ways of managing emotions and eating common and unusual foods that contribute to the quality of life that so many desire..
The launch took place on Thursday, 05 from august to 7 p.m. no Waterways Shoppes at Parkland-Seabra, em Parkland, Florida.

About the Author

Researcher and chef Márcia Godoi aims to create, combine super foods that can contribute to a certain way to armor the body. Furthermore, she gives lectures on quality of life with content that aims to guide mothers of autistic children and people who face cancer and other diseases with the aim of mitigating the effects.
Márcia Godoi has also signed the catering for personalities like Ronaldo, Barrichelo and events at the Vizcaya Museum and aims to prove that it is possible to consume healthy foods that bring quality of life without giving up on flavor and an appetizing appearance.
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