In the end, why write a book? I'll start this article with a testimonial that marked the beginning of VLM Press' history as a publishing house., and that gave the necessary strength to carry out our mission with enthusiasm and great pride:
My concept before my friends totally changed after I published my books, now I'm known and introduced as a writer, which makes me very happy and proud.
Penha Tavares, author of the book Ingenuous Love, Published by VLM Press.
The first question you might be asking is: What should I write about??
the answer is simple: Write about a subject that you feel is important to you., because after all, it's the book of your dreams.
In this short article I want to demonstrate three of the many reasons you should write your first book and the many benefits that will come from this vibrant adventure..
Three reasons to write your dream book 2
VLM Press – Woman reading America

Before I started writing my dream book, I never considered myself a writer. But I wanted to express my convictions to help people see things from the same angle I did.
Edivaldo A Fontes is the author of four books published by VLM Press.

  1. You discover that writing your dream book is easier than you imagine..
    Contrary to what is thought, writing a book is not impossible. You can learn naturally.
    If you learned to ride a bike in your childhood, already know that, although at first everything seemed so difficult, with the persistence and practice that only a child possesses (something so strong that it makes you invincible), you managed to take your first pedal strokes and went for a walk down the street. I didn't even want to stop., Is not it?
    in the same way, writing a book is also a skill that will require the same kind of effort and practice, and that will result in the same pleasure, you will never want to stop. Before I started writing my dream book, I never considered myself a writer. But I wanted to express my convictions to help people see things from the same angle I did. Whenever I learned something that benefited me, I wanted other people to also learn it and enjoy the benefits that come through the knowledge acquired and practiced. For this reason I started to write.
    As soon as I noticed the reaction of my readers through comments on my articles or even in person, I never stopped writing. You will experience the same thing when you start publishing your ideas. Read this article I wrote on our blog: Why write your first book and you will feel even more stimulated to produce your books.

VLM Press, much more than an editor, an ally in realizing your publishing dream.

  1. Change of Concept
    When you publish your first book, your concept changes in front of people.
    As in the writer's statement, Penha Tavares, by publishing a book you automatically gain people's credibility. They consider her a smarter and more capable person. If your book is about a professional topic, this will give you credibility with business people, who will come to see you as an expert in your professional field. Your book can also be used as a promotional item and marketing tool for your business or industry..
    This is very simple to understand. How do you react when you are introduced to a person who has become a published author? If you never paid attention, try to understand the reaction of other people when a writer is introduced to them. They treat the writer with respect and consider her to be a very capable person., even without knowing anything about them. How people will feel about you as a writer.
  2. By Publishing the Book of Your Dreams, You Are Opening Your Ideas to the World.
    Writing a book is an opportunity to talk about something that is important to you..
    You can express your creative ideas and points of view while sharing your message with others.. Its reach is almost infinite., because your book once published, could become a point of reference for decades or hundreds of years. No one will ever be able to determine how far your book will go..
    One of the biggest benefits of being a writer is research.. To write well you need to read a lot., studying, Do researches, to know deeply about a certain subject. the more you work, study and develop your ability to contribute more to the lives and well-being of others, the better your life will be in all areas.
    If you are interested in a subject, there is a high chance that other people have it too. E, writing a book on this subject, you can help them and, in turn, help yourself achieve a more meaningful life.

Now, I would love to hear from you. answer this question:
If you could write a book that would positively influence people's lives, what would you write about?
On my journey as a writer, I have received many messages from my readers saying how much my articles have changed their lives. Besides being a writer, I'm a speaker., educator and I post a lot of messages on social media. Amazingly, as a writer your messages will always be very welcome. Then, let's start writing now?
Leave a comment below to share your idea..
If you want to know more about how to write a book, send us an email on our contact page.

Written by Edivaldo A Fontes

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